Your Voice Counts

All questions below are optional, all answers are confidential, no identifying data is collected.

This POLL program is personally sponsored by George Wiseman, to help Fort Erie have FUN finding it’s collective and consensus voice. 
This POLL program is NOT part of any political organization although it’d be GREAT if our politicians and bureaucrats paid attention to the ‘results’.

Please contact me if you’d like to help me turn the comments into POLL questions

The answers to these questions will be used to make a POLL that THEN all Fort Erie residents can have fun participating in.

Please limit answers to less than 250 words each, we are trying to make POLL questions for people to answer / vote on.  So question / comment and answer(s) format is even more appreciated.

Answer each question as many times as you wish, but please make a separate entry for each issue or comment.

The resulting Poll will be:
1. anonymous. 
2. public
3. posted on this website

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email addresses are kept secure, private and never shared.